My Own Downtown - Jessica Evans

Jessica Evans has a family history going back to the 1800's.

 "This will always be my home, " Jessica shared. "With the growing opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship, events, and all around fun, I can't see a reason to leave."

Jessica received her degree in Anthropology and Business from the University of Utah.

"During my time in Utah, I realized just how great Wyoming is," said Jessica.

According to Jessica, her world revolves around the outdoors, fishing and hunting.

"Southwest Wyoming offers some of the best opportunities to do all of these things with our incredible access to public lands, abundance of wildlife, and exploration opportunities," she pointed out.

Jessica is a volunteer and life member of the Western Bear Foundation, an environmental conservation organization.

"The Western Bear Foundation fundraiser event at the Broadway Theater was not only a huge success but the theater offered a venue that I was proud to show off to folks from all over the state," she recalled. "Everyone enjoyed the event and thought the facility and Downtown was beautiful."

In 2017, Jessica started Royal Flush Advertising.

"I learned very quickly how wonderful this community really is," she expressed. "The support I have received and people I have met along the way has been nothing short of astounding."

Jessica went on to say, "Our community really is special and allows people to do great things."

Since Jessica started working closely with the Downtown businesses to create the annual Downtown Rock Springs Visitors Guide, Downtown has made a special place in her heart.

"To see these folks go through the pandemic the way they have and continue to work hard, support their community, and still look to the future has shown me what people are capable of," she said.

She continued to say, "Their support and willingness to keep their business afloat has inspired me to keep growing my own business and learn to weather any storm."

"Even though I don't have an office in the Downtown area, I feel like I am part of their family and they are certainly a part of mine," Jessica conveyed.

"Maybe other small towns are like this too, but from what I've seen, we really have something special and it shouldn't be taken for granted," she said.

Jessica's grandmother talked often about her work at Montgomery Ward's.

"It's wonderful for me to live and work where my family's roots are," Jessica replied. "In high school, I worked at Total Exposure on South Main. Now I get the honor to watch fellow high school classmates run Square State Brewing down the road from my first place of employment."

Jessica's most favorite place to go in all of Rock Springs is Bunning Park.

"All year long, I watch the beauty of each season through the stories told by the trees," she shared. "The history that park has seen is a part of all of our heritages and something we all should appreciate."

Jessica says supporting small businesses is easy.

"Whether you're eating at a restaurant, shopping at a boutique, or buying a gift card for family members or co-workers, every little thing you can do is a big help," she pointed out. "Even something as simple as sharing a post on social media can make a big impact and it's free!"

Locals and visitors can see the energy in Downtown Rock Springs.

"I see nothing but bright things and positivity for our Downtown," Jessica said. "The work the URA does, combined with the relentless pursuit of success from our local businesses, I can't see anything else happening but growth."

Jessica concluded by saying, "I'm happy to be a part of the evolution of Downtown and I'm excited to watch things continue to excel. If I can have any small part in helping these people do their best, my work is worth it."

...And that's why Downtown Rock Springs is My Own Downtown.
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