Experience an enchanting spectacle of radiant lights, featuring melodious Christmas trees serenading amidst a whimsical backdrop of candy canes, snowflakes, and mystical archways. Sync your radio to bask in the harmonious melodies of Christmas music, perfectly synchronized with the captivating dance of these dazzling lights. This spectacular display can be found on the grassy strip along Elk Street, conveniently situated across from the parking lot for Bunning Park.

The show will take place night from 5:15 pm to 11 pm from Friday, November 24 to December 25. (Please note, actual times may vary slightly as they are on a timer that automatically adjusts based on dusk.)

The Magical Light Show is proudly brought to you by Sweetwater Travel and Tourism

grassy strip along Elk Street, across from Bunning Park

grassy strip along Elk Street, across from Bunning Park, Rock Springs , WY 82901
Dec 17, 2023
5:15 PM MST to 11:00 PM MST