Litter, graffiti and illegal dumping destroy the beauty of our communities. It is everyone’s responsibility to put garbage in proper places. More importantly, it is up to us to teach future generations to take care of our environment.

            With City-Wide Clean-up just finishing, locals and visitors are reminded to keep our hometown clean all year long. To that end, The Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency and Mayor Tim Kaumo are announcing “Take 10 on Tuesday.” This new city-wide initiative is aimed towards maintaining the cleanliness of Rock Springs by encouraging all city residents and businesses to take ten minutes every Tuesday to clean dirt, debris, and trash from around their homes, businesses, in nearby vacant lots, alleys, etc.

            “If you see trash on the sidewalk while you’re on your way to lunch, don’t walk by it,” Mayor Kaumo advises. “Please pick it up, even if it isn’t yours, this helps improve our entire community.”  

            Everyone can find a spot in town to focus on for a few minutes on Tuesdays.

            The season of tourism has begun in Sweetwater County. If residents keep our community tidy, it will leave a positive impression on those who are traveling through, first impressions mean a lot in obtaining return visitors to our community.  

            Mayor Kaumo added, “Joining together as a community and simply taking ten minutes out of your day to clean up will display the pride that we have for our community while making it vibrant and welcoming to all.”   

Downtown Rock Springs

Jun 08, 2021
10:00 AM MDT to 9:00 PM MST