Project Pop-Up    

Holiday 2021

Rock Springs Main Street/URA’s Pop-Up Shop

Program Description:

A Pop-Up Shop is a short-term retail store that offers new, unique, local or specialized products or services. The Rock Springs Main Street/URA Pop-Up Shop Program is designed to fill empty storefronts and prospect new, long-term businesses.

Pop-up retailing is a low-cost way to launch a business and provide exclusive products, convenience, value and fun customer experiences while increasing foot traffic and sales for Downtown businesses.

The Rock Springs Main Street/URA Pop-Up Shop Program is a partnership with private property owners in Downtown Rock Springs to offer low-rate, short-term leases to local entrepreneurs.

Selected applicants will occupy vacant storefronts throughout the fall and Christmas shopping season with the goal of long-term occupancy after program completion.

Why Pop-Up Shops? 

  • Enhance the look and feel of Downtown Rock Springs
  • Expand Downtown Rock Springs’ retail, adding more merchants & products
  • Reduce negative visual impact of vacant store fronts
  • Create more traffic and shopping
  • Offer a low cost option for local businesses to try new ideas/reach new customers
  • Generate additional tax revenue for our community

2021 Pop up Shop Description and Application

Program Dates:

The pop-up leases run October 15, 2021 to January 15, 2022. Grand opening celebrations will be held on a date to be determined.

Eligible Businesses:

Local or regional establishments and start-ups that may include gifts, home goods, décor, apparel, accessories, specialty foods, sporting/special interest, boutiques, art, locally-made goods, children’s resources, and more. Pop-ups will be chosen to fill a niche not already adequately represented Downtown. Existing businesses located in Downtown Rock Springs are not eligible for this program.

Legal Requirements:

  • Program participants will sign a lease for October 15, 2021 to January 15, 2022 with the property owner stipulating terms and agreement to return the space to its original condition. Rock Springs Main Street/URA, Inc. will pay the rent for the 3-month program. Shop owners are required to pay all utilities and any other expenses. Participants shall comply with insurance requirements as well as all relevant city and state rules and regulations.

Selected participants who do not comply with these rules or the rules outlined by the Rock Springs Main Street/URA Pop-Up Shop Program will be required to refund Rock Springs Main Street/URA all rent money awarded.

Required Hours of Operation:

The goal of this program is to drive traffic to Downtown Rock Springs. In order to maximize lunchtime traffic, weekend shoppers, etc., all Pop-Up Shops must be open during the following hours:

  • Tuesday to Saturday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Additional hours shops will be required to be open may include Plaid Friday, Small Business Saturday and additional Main Street sponsored events.

All businesses must be open for minimum hours listed, but may certainly be open more hours. *Businesses with other peak hours may apply. Hours subject to approval.

Advertising Requirements:

Businesses will be required to have an online presence with an active social media presence. The Rock Springs Main Street/URA staff and volunteers will complete a comprehensive ad campaign for the 2021 Pop Up Shops including but not limited to: e-mail blasts, radio, events, print advertising as deemed appropriate. Rock Springs Main Street/URA, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I alter the space I am using?
    Improvement/alterations of any kind must be negotiated and approved ahead of time with the landlord and Rock Springs Main Street/URA. Temporary tenants are responsible for general upkeep: cleaning, replacing light bulbs, etc.
  • What if I am interested in the program but don't have enough merchandise to fill the space?
    Indicate on your application you would like to share space with a complementary pop-up merchant or specify another applicant.
  • When do I access my space?
    You may access your space when the short-term lease is signed with the landlord. Proof of insurance and a refundable security deposit of the landlord’s choosing is required. Proof of a City business license is also required.
  • When should I be open for business?
    All program participants should be ready for business no later than November 2, 2021.

Pop-Up Shop Criteria:

  • All applications are due Friday, September 3, 2020 by 12 noon.
  • Selected businesses will receive a heavily discounted or rent-free storefront in Downtown Rock Springs to test out a business from November to December of 2021.
  • Businesses must be ready to open between no later than November 2, 2021, and be open until December 30.
  • Locations will not be finalized until businesses are selected.
  • Ideal applicants are individuals with a current business ran out of their home, businesses looking to open a second location, or business concepts with minimal start-up inventory.
  • A one-time application fee of $100 is required with your submission. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a $75 refund.

Pop-Up Shop Rules: 

  • Retailers must maintain regular store hours as previously identified.
  • Shops must maintain a fully stocked inventory during operational hours
  • Retailers and their shops must maintain a professional appearance at all times.
  • Retailers must sign a waiver of liability regarding program participation, including responsibility for any personal or property damage resulting from tenancy.
  • Retailers will pay all necessary sales tax on proceeds, obtain any necessary state and city permits and carry insurance for liability.
  • Retailers must proactively market via social media, relationship marketing, etc. You must use Downtown Rock Springs logo on all advertising, as well as tagging Rock Springs Main Street/URA, Inc. and using the hashtag #RockSpringsPopUpShop.
  • Retailers are responsible for maintaining building's interior, exterior, and sidewalk.


  • Applications will be reviewed by the Rock Springs Main Street/URA board and staff.
  • The board will select 1 shop and 1 alternate. Evaluation criteria for selection shall be based on product mix, store concept, marketing approach, operations strategy, experience, references, willingness to work with the Rock Springs Main Street/URA Pop-Up Shops Program and other retailers, store design, and other issues the board deems appropriate.

Pop-Up Shop Application:

Applications and all supporting materials must be submitted by 12 noon on Friday, September 3, 2021. Applications will be accepted via e-mail, hand delivery or U.S. mail.

Email: [email protected]

Mail: Rock Springs Main Street/URA
Attn: Pop-Up Shops Program
603 South Main Street
Rock Springs, WY 82901

For questions contact: Chad Banks, Rock Springs Main Street/URA manager at 307-352-1434

Please include the following in your Business Plan: 

  1. Applicant name and contact information
  2. Business name and ownership structure
  3. Resume/professional history, and community work
  4. Provide a brief description of your background and why you would like to participate in this program
  5. Explain how the business will be successful
  6. Marketing plan outline
  7. Staffing plan
  8. Business budget (income and expenses) for the duration of the program (Nov.–Dec. 2021)
  9. Images or video of product and interior design concept

Include the following additional items with this application:

  1. Two business/professional references and their contact information.
  2. Any additional information you think will assist the selection committee in making their decision
  3. A one-time application fee of $100 is required with your submission. If your application is not selected, you will be refunded $75

    Project Pop-Up Application